Why woman should not drive

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if you find something like this, chances are B has already found it at least twice, which means its been on HS at least three times.

B = interwebs = B


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im not saying this chick can or can not drive... i dont know... but that video doesnt show her having any ability other than hitting the gas pedal

it does not take skill to haul ass down a highway... especially on a highway that is designed for it in a car that is designed for it


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Werd. And she's in a Ferarri. Give her a K20 EF that has stock everything but drivetrain, and watch her shit her pants while the camera man starts going into seizures from shaken baby syndrome at 110.


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Doesn't look like she actually has heels on those shoes. But it could just be hard to see in the vid.

Like E said, she's pressing the gas pedal. Being in a dress changes nothing when she's just sitting there. Plenty of American girls do the same while doing their makeup and texting.

I will say this though, she's not sitting close enough to the pedals, she's got her feet stretched out hitting the pedals with her tippy toes.