why wont my car run

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okay.. i put in the b18c in my civic coupe about a year ago.. the car has been running great.. the other day i had to take the ignition switch out of it.. when i put the switch back in , the car would not crank.. the switch is working and in correct..
my question is WHY wont it start??? is it the swap?
Apparently it's not working, if it won't start.

And use a little common sense, dude.

Your car would start before you removed the ignition switch. After you removed the ignition switch and put it back in, it won't start. It's not fucking rocket science.

Why would you remove your ignition switch in the first place?

Holy crap...
LMAO ^ :lol:
Yea, im going to agree;
Anyways, why don't you try a screwdriver in the switch, maybe the metal pin that goes into the switch broke, and the key turns but the pin isn't turning the switch.


This is not Swap-related. This is the Swap-related forum.

Try again in the right forum.

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