Wich intake manifold on b16a head/b18cR block?

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Noah santana

New Member
Wich is the best intake manifold for my eg swapped to b18cR/b16a head?
Actual mods:
B16a2 intake manifold
Stock engine
Toda rep exhaust manifold
2.5" all the way exhaust

I have think about a skunk2 itr portez with 66mm throttle body


the skunk2 itr style will work well for your setup currently. Are you planning a larger build later? If so, maybe hold off for now as the gains are very minimal... (1-2 hp over the b16)

Noah santana

New Member
So keeping the b16a2 intake manifold will only lost 1-2hp? I'll stay oem then.
Btw How many hp will i get with that setup? (With an hondata s300 remap)
Maybe 190-195?
And no, i'm not going to build the block, only the cams/valved/springs (itr)