Wich Lowering Springs

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I would like to know, what would be the best buy for lowering springs?
I'm looking at Skunk2 2.25 Drop Springs, Sprint Springs 2.5 Drop Springs, DropZone Springs 2.25 Drop Springs.

I would like to know, wich of these would be the best quality, and everything...or if you have other spring compagnies that you think would be better let me know.

Thanks Alot.
Frank :blink:
ground controls own! ...but out of those 3, i'd go with the skunk2's cause they are probably better quality coming from a well-respected brand.
He is talking about lowering springs not coilvoers. If it had to be from those three id say Skunk2. Although if you do consider coilovers, the Ground Control for sure! :D
h&r race, neuspeed race, or eibach race 0wns j00 if its a civic. my buddy has a 96 w/h&r race and kyb 5pt adjustable and it owns his friends with skunks and tokico's in the corners. I have neuspeed race and I like em lots.
i have a set of springs from dropzone and they arent as stiff as i wanted em .

i shoulda forked out more for the skunk2's
i agree with the h&r's, those are pretty dope, my boy has it on his ride and it takes turns pretty good for springs. but out of what you picked, i would go with skunk2, peace!
Dont get a drop spring, that height is too much, you'll be scraping on everything. look at something that will drop it 1.5-2 inches, anymore, your just killing your tires. Look at some ground corntrol coilovers or the Eibach springs.
Progress has nice springs too, well I've heard. RSX type-s pulled .96 g on a 200 foot skidpad.
What would be the best, Coilover or Lowering springs?
I heard that ajustable coilover are not good since the spring is smaller so it kinda bounce better the bracket that holds it, and lowering springs are better because they are made the same way that your stock ones bettre lower, meaning that they have really close twist at the begining and more far away twist at the up^, so a part of it is for confort and the other part is for the handling.
So what would be better Ajustable Coilover or Lowering Springs?
I would go with coilovers for everyday use because of the fact that you can raise or lower it to you preference. If you don't really want to drop your car, get springs, if you want your car low, get coilovers

out of your three choices, i say skunk2...

but if your willing to fork out some cash then go with a well-respected coilover set... tanabe sustec pros, teins, JIC's whatevers........ its up to you with how much you wanna spend
Originally posted by ovcrash@Feb 14 2003, 02:25 PM
do you if MAXSPEED lowring springs are any good??

One of my "friends" (not really) had a set on his 98 EX... let's just say....... that they're cheap.
dude ive got Tokico Blues with H@R 1.5" Springs..my car is stiff as fuck..u can sit on hood and that shit dont move..Front uppper strut bar helps too..
I would go wtih some tein lowering springs as well as some skunk2 lowering, even some neuspeed. let me know I sell them all!
i'm looking at some DropZone Lowering springs, there 2.5" in front and 2.25" on rear drop.
But i don't know if that's too much??
Should i go with 1.5" - 1.75" drop or so instead ??
I have a 97 Civic HatchBack. I wanna my car low, to get a really good air circulation around the car so the car really sticks on the ground, so i think if i'm really low that would be better, or should i go with H&R 1.75" drop instead?? I'm really confuse here.
Because i'm putting 225/40R16 on the car, but i don't what the tires to rub on the fender or inside the fender? i know i can take off the Inside of the Fender.
Anyways really confused!!
Any one has a 1997 civic hb with some lowering springs? how low they drop with?
I don't what the car to bottom out either.
Dont get 16's unless you have a brake kit that needs 16's. Otherwise, your car will be a tad slower plus tires are harder to find for them.

About air cuirculating, Springs are not really designed for that purpose, the reason for lowering a car is to lower the center of gravity and also make a stiffer ride to reduce body sway. Any further than 2 inches is too much and there are no diffrance between 2inches and 4 inchs except that your tires will last you like 3 months. For air ciculation, that is why they invented air dams. If your so worried about that, get a mugen or spoon air dam (they are the only areo kits that actually have areodynamics in mind.)