wicked misfire in crx

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The car is an 89 HF with a 91 Si motor. Everything works fine except for a very bad misfire. It has a brand new distributor from distributor king, so I doubt that has anything to do with it. I'm still running the original pm8 ecu because the pm6 I have won't turn on the fuel pump :shrug2:

The plugs are close to being fouled and its spitting raw fuel out the tailpipe, that's how bad it is. I can hook a timing gun up to any plug wire, anywhere on the wire, and the light flashes very erradicly. I tried the gun on my truck and its fine, so the gun is good.

Anyone have some suggestions? :(


Go and pick up some new plugs and plug wires. When you replaced the dizzy you didnt put it on and possibly messed up the timing?
I changed the wires and plugs when i got the new dizzy. :glare:

The thing was acting up before I replaced all those parts, it was throwing codes for the 2 sensors inside the dizzy and it ran like crap. I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to replace a single sensor here and there so I decided to get it all over withand get a whole new distributor, plugs, and wires. It revs all the way out to 5500 (because of the pm8) but misfires and stutters the whole way there. The oily carbon piles staining the garage floor is starting to piss off my dad too. :lol:

I'd like to have it ready for the n11 meet, but at this rate I can't even get it on the road.
call dist king about your problem. Its prolly the dist. if it is he will replace it. his dizzies come with a 3 year warranty. :)
It has the original 89 HF harness on it. I bought the car with the swap already done, not done well though. The guy that did it worked primarily on volkswagons and never touched a honda, so it was pretty messed up. He wired a second map sensor to the tps connector. The tps was broken badly and with the map sensor in its place, you can only imagine how badly it ran.

My friend is letting me borrow a pm8 he has laying around just to make sure it isnt the ecu. I need a new one anyway, but I'm low on cash right now.