Widest Tires On 89 Crx Si?

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what are the widest tires i can put on my 89 crx si and what would have to be the offset to be able to make this happen. I still want the car to be able to turn without rubbing the wheel well. my rim size im hoping to stay with would be 16 in.
dont bother with a 16 inch rim... theres not as good of a tire selection in 16" sizes and you wont be able to fit as wide of a tire... go with a 15"... theyre lighter, and better tires available...
thanks for the tip... i was wanting to go with some spoon rims or something somewhat comparable... my main concern is traction to the front wheels
i think i could squeeze some 215-50r 15's as far as the width goes... but just wanted to know some facts... thanks
the standard 15" tire size for a crx is 195/50 on 15x6.5's. some people have 205/50 on 15x7's but i think 215/50 will probably rub since the sidewall AND the tread are bigger. 215/40's might work if there is such a size. actually, 215/40 would be the standard 16" size.
Spoon rims (Spoon anything IMO) are overpriced... and what kind of power are you putting down ... most likely a 205/50/15 with GOOD tires will be more than enough for most setups (not all).. anything more is just added weight that will do nothing but slow you down