Will A Itr Thorttle Body Fit On A B18a?

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Hey i have a b18a in a 1990 CRX Si. my friend has a ITR thottle body which is substantually larger than my stock 47-48 mm one. i believe ITR is like 57? or something which is alot larger. Will this b a direct swap?. or will the Vtec and all that stuff make it impossible to swap?. i have no idea how to do the swap so any info would b better. I just want a lil better response, and a few more HP.

P.S. i can get the ITR throttle body for 150 Canadian.like 100 bucks american
not sure if it will fit or not... it should... and if it does, it is a very simple swap, 4 bolts and 2 sensors (tps and map) and throttle cable hook up.. but as far as the sizing goes, they are 62mm... are you sure yours is 47-48mm? that seems mighty small.. a stock B16 TB is 60mm
that sounds better :) i'm sure somone will post soon with a definate answer on the fitment.