Will a y7 block with y8 head make the same HP as a d16y8?

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As the title says. Y8s are hard to come by but considering taking my y7 block and getting a y8 head from a buddy and slapping them together. I have found a y8 but don’t wanna drop all that money if I can get the same power putting the y8 head and y7 block together? I’m gonna rebuild it as a sleeper so trying to get the most power. Idgaf if this is the wrong forum to post this just answer my question or kick rocks
it's within a few hp. i can't recall if the y7 block might actually make a bit more than the y8 due to compression differences. Certainly not a noticeable difference.

Search 'mini-me' as it may have a lot of more info on this topic.
undistinguishable power differences , its just obd1 head vs obd2 , will work and be fine but dont think its a frankenstein or some hybrid power monster its still gonna make 100whp promise lol