Will everything fit?

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Like the topic says, I got a 93 Civic CX with a D15B8 and the clutch is starting to slip. I got a brand new D16Y8 tranny complete with clutch and everything. I was wondering if everything bolts right up, including axles and shift linkage. I got the shift linkage, but not the axles from the Y8.

Thanks for all your help! :worthy:

...Until the H22/ turbo goes in... :p


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the tranny will go on fine
not 100% sure on the axles but they should work fine


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Anyone know if the axle's will fit. I don't want to do this tranny swap and find out the axles don't fit... This is my daily driver for now.



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just pull the halfshafts that are already in your car, and compare. It's like a 2 hour job.


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Thanks! I'm gonna try to do this whole tranny swap in a day, so... I'm trying to avoid as much guess work as possible.

Thank you though!!!