Will I get the KYB Warranty if I buy from Ebay

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I'm looking at buying some KYB AGX shocks through an Ebay store and was wondering if this would still allow me to use KYB's Warranty. I'm asking because I've heard that if you buy from some discount retailers, the company will refuse Warranty work on your parts. I just want to make sure I don't get fucked. Thanks.
hm....well it appears that I'm screwed anyway, because they won't cover them If they've had coilovers used on them. Still...I'd like to know (you can always try to convice them you didnt' use coilovers :) )
most of the time ebay stores arent covered under manufacturers warranty. only if you buy from authorized dealers. hell i know some companies that wont cover a warranty of any of there products bought online, doesnt matter where you buy it from.
hmm....well I think I'm going to risk it anyway, because I'll be running coilovers on them (ground controls) and that will void the warrenty anyway. Has anyone ever needed to replace one of their KYB's? I've heard a lot of good things about them and I won't be lowering my car more than 1". I should be fine right?


I bought my AGX's on ebay and there is a shop here in town that is an authorized dealer. If one of them blows out im gonna try and have them send it back for me and just lie saying I bought them from the shop.