Will I make 350? Ls turbo PLEASE HELP

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Sup guys... I'm new to the forum and was thinking I could get some help from you peeps. I wanna go close to 350 or above on my stock sleeves on my ls. I have everything sitting in front of me and thinking if i should pay the extra 2k for sleeves or just go with what i have. Like i said i only want 350 plus..Will I make it with
Arias 9:1 81.5 pistons
Eagle rods
Acl bearings
Type r oil pump
Type r water pump
Type r timing belt
Walbro 255
Bosch 1000cc dynamics injectors
Skunk2 composite fuel rail
Precision 58mm or sc60-61???(which will work?)
B series custom ram horn from fullblowb motorsport
Tial38mm wastegate
The head is fully built with all Crower.. Stage 2 Crower cams just need port and polish
I have Thermal 3pm exhaust all the way
Alright please let me know if I'll make that power. Thanks a lot and I appreciate the help


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E your rep is insane lol., and ts 350whp should be within reach its gona come down to a good tune.


Boosted ls/vtec ohh yeah!
I would go with sleeves if it were my build just for the piece of mind and the ability to grow in the future. Im not sure what company you were looking at for sleeves? But Benson does the sleeving process with final machine work for around a $1000 through www.laskeyracing.com I think with how much money you have invested it would be your best bet plus the machine work is going to be a thousand times more accurate then what you would get at your run of the mill local machine shop. Im getting ready to send a block out to them in a few more weeks :)


Boosted ls/vtec ohh yeah!
As far as your power goal I think 350 will be very very easy to achieve with a good tune and any one of the three turbos mentioned with the rest of your setup.


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what about the drive train? if you don't upgrade that you will be popping axles and blowing clutches all the time.


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on e85 350+ should be safe with a good tuner. turbo hondas love that stuff.