Will Obd1 Dist. From '93 Ls Work On A B16?

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I got this 93 integra LS obd-1 distributor with Bosch red plug wires off eBay for $21.50 minus ignitor and coil. It just so happens that I have an NEC ignitor and TEC internal coil from a 93 Si dizzy that had a bad bearing. Will this unit work on a B16a1 being converted to OBD-1? Thanks in advance.
From what I was told,when I was looking for a distibutor.As long as it is B series and OBD 1 it should fit.
Yes, iff you cut one leg off the disrtibutor from the LS it will fit the B16 head. I ran my LSVTEC like this for a few days until the Acura dealer got me a replacement ignitor for the 94 GSR distributor I had. However, setting your timing with that LS distributor is tough. I think I had to run 19 degrees advanced with it because that was as delayed as it would go. You would be better off getting a 93-95 GSR or the OBD1 Del Sol VTEC distributor.