Will Obdii Dist. Work?

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It's a simple question, can an OBDII GSR distributor be "direct wired" (i.e., wires cut and soldered) in place of an OBDI distributor and function properly?

Background: 89 CRX (DX) converted to 4 point injection currently running old, dead, tired, leaky, ZC motor. New LS/(gsr)Vtec (motor built, ready to be installed. One (1) non-OBD to OBDI wiring harness converter purchased, ready to install. One (1) OBDI GSR ECU procured, and ready to install.

Village idiot (that'd be me) that built the LS/Vtec thought it was a 1995 GSR head. Village idiot recently finds out its a 1996 OBDII head (and distributor). I know the plugs are different, but that's all I know. Yes, I know I could scrounge around for a GSR OBDI distributor, but I'm so far overspent the thought of having to purchase yet more junk, makes me puke. (E.g., I just found out Acura wants over $250 for the O2 sensor!). Anyway, if I cut the connector off the OBDII GSR distributor I have, and cut the EF engine harness connectors (there are two), can I direct wire the ODBII distributor? Yes, I did discover that my sucky 89 DX CRX only uses 7 wires for the ZC distributor. The ZC distributor appears to be missing the "CYL" sensor. So I figure that I have to run two additional wires to run the OBDII distributor.

There's just one more tidbit I've received instructions on, and that's even if I were to get an OBDI gsr distributor, I'd have to repin and reuse one of the ZC distributor connectors anyway.

1. Will the OBDII distributor work in my application?
2. If you spent more than a year building a motor, when funds were available, and overspent by twice what you researched and planned, what you would do? Screw it and direct wire it, or bite the bullet and spring for OBDI distributor?

Thanks in advance, DaveK

sohc em

i would have to say it would only work correctly if you have the OBD0-OBD1 harness and then direct wire it, thats the setup in a 92-95 hatch we have with the b18c obd1 ecu and obd2 dizzy and it works just fine.