Will Simple Green remove adhesive?

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yea this isn't really a tech question so i guess it goes here. Well the vinyl on the headliner of my car separated from the foam, so i ripped the vinyl off. so now there is adhesive all over up there. i am gonna totall yclean the car and stuff this weekend or next and i need a cleaner that will remove the adhesive without messing up the foam.

anyone know what will work?
Throw the car away and buy one that was made in the last decade or two.

There is some stuff called "goo gone" that works pretty nice. Also, 3m adhesive remover works wonders. Never tried removing adhesive from foam before, though.
Originally posted by phyregod@Aug 5 2005, 04:59 PM
Throw the car away and buy one that was made in the last decade or two.
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haha asshole. you can't complain about a free car. thats what was bought for me after the rex got jacked. BTW i am cleaning it so i can sell it for an older car, lol. gonna be getting a 69 Chevy pickup hopefully this week. then soon ill be gettin either a Jeep cherokee, wrangler, or a toyota pickup, still can't decide which one to get. So yea this POS corolla will be gone soon

BTW thanks, i was just kidding. but i think Goo Gone is like Goof Off, which is solvent based.


I used it to take off tint, and the Civic VX sticker gummy shit on my last car...worked like a charm, and doesn't take off paint like Simple Green does.