Will t his work??

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K please do not ask why im doing this, im just trying to get the car running... Will a d16y7 from a 98 civic fit into a 94 integra gsr? And what all do i need to do.. The 94gsr has no motor in it, and the guy just wants any engine to get it running, I have all the complete swap from the d16y7 and all the parts from the integra. Which harness do i use? Which ecu? Will the mounts mount up?etc... Please help....


yeah it will work... but its going to be backwards from everything we have listed in a kinda sorta way...

here's the thing- to drop a b-series in a 6th gen, you need 2 mounts from a 99-00 civic si. (see our swap section -6th gen) now- your d-series motor is going to be wierd... shit... i din't know what im talking about. lol

i think the best thing would be to try and use the gsr's stock mounts (b-series).

wiring is going to be a biotch... but they make harness you can buy to convert from obd2 ->1 and therefore, i say run the y7 ecu and plug that into the converter harness. from there, you shouldn't have to wire anything else, as the chassis is over wired for the car if anything.

I highly suggest getting a 2nd and third opinion. This is just what seems logical to me... and may be very very wrong.