Window Tint. Whats the best?

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I'm about to have my hatch tinted. I'm going to go 35% in front (anything darker is illegal in texas) and 15 in back. (you can't see out of a 5% tinted car at night).

The question is, what tint do I need to avoid and/or look for?

I know 3m tint turns purple after a couple of years. Llumar tint scratches pretty easy from what I hear.

Need Input!
I had my coupe tinted 20% on all windows shortly before I sold it. 35% is the legal limit in OR but I wasn't ever hassled about it. I don't know what brand the shop used but Lumix sounds familiar.


Originally posted by phyregod@Sep 8 2005, 01:38 PM

I know 3m tint turns purple after a couple of years. Llumar tint scratches pretty easy from what I hear.

Need Input!
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No I have 3M tints on my CRX for about 5 years now and it's still smoke grey.
Using amonia based cleaning products will make any tint turn purple.
You = lucky
In virginia it's 50 in the front 2, pointless, and 35 in the back 3 windows.
When i get mine done, i will do 35 all around, cops shouldnt bother me too much. Plus i have the windows down most the time, a guy around here will do the whole car for $150, professionally, that's one thing i never want to do myself.
That seems to be the price around here, too.. 'bout $150 bucks. I've done my own tint jobs on two cars and have had pretty good results, but you could tell they were not done by a professional. Getting it done this time.

I used Gila both times and have no complaints about fading or scratching.. but that stuff is a BITCH to install.

ah well, any more wisdom?
tobad your not with in drivin distance on mn cuz know a great tinter that is hella cheap
Being a old window tinter this would be my suggestion.

Madico makes the best film in my humble opinion. Nice smoked color, scratch resistant, and does not fade. Also last up to 7 years without delaminating.
Application solution is: gallon water/filtered - good squeeze of any common dish washing liquid that is not loaded with degreasers. Try to get as generic as possible. Used this solution for years without a problem, allows just enough slip to apply your tint and fit into position. NEVER EVER use any ammonia based product on tint. It breaks down the tint and adheasive quickly. They sell tint based cleaners.
Good Luck,
I've had 3M on two cars and currently have Sungard, which I am also very pleased with. I think a lot has to do with the shop that installs the tint.