Winter Olympics 2018

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yeah, watched the snowboarding a bit. Red kicked ass, shaun still has it, hoping to catch the finals for him tonight. casually had some skating on in the bg while doing some work.... speed and figure- doesn't really interest me too much but good stuff happening i guess.
Yeah I follow it closely. In class tonight but I caught shaun white's epic run. Pretty awesome.
i find it quite odd that the guys are getting SO much higher air on the pipe. Like, the girls were gettign 5m and the guys were almost 9 a few hits. why? it's not really 'msucle' to get air.... it's just speed
testosterone, and lack of fear?
I saw that little girl that banged out gold. Most of the girls were slipping off some speed before they dove into the pipe.
That 17 year old girl gave absolutely zero fucks and scrubbed no speed. Just bombed straight into it, and the air she got from the speed was a visible difference.
Assume more mass plus same hill = more velocity for a bigger guy? plus no speed scrubbing
maybe. chole kim didn't impress me either honestly. im' suprised it was a gold run.

like, if she did that in the guys comp, she would have scored like a 45
I didn't watch any of the guys runs, so after your post I had to go check them out.


For comparison.

and Shaun
I've caught it a few times. Watched Men's halfpipe semis, then sought out White's Gold Medal run after everyone said how insane it was. They were right. Holy hell. He went pro at like 7, so its somewhat to be expected.
I've been putting in like 4 hours of olympics per night.. lol
So men's curling was on tv lastnight.
I've discovered there is a direct correlation between my interest in watching curling, and the amount of hot women involved in said curling.
So it goes.
I think curling is a drinking game that somehow made the Olympics. That being said, I'm interested in playing.
Not sure this guy's time is accurate, but worth a laugh

Favourite Olympic moment so far: Canadian curler Rachel Homan's husband double-fisting his third and fourth beers while watching his wife compete against Japan. It's 9am in Korea. Not all heroes wear capes. #PyeongChang2018