Wireing B18a In 89 Crx Si

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is it true that you can use the stock si wireing harness from a crx for wireing a b18a in it and all you have to do after that is plug in the ecu? or is it best to get the whole harness from the b18a and ecu and put it in the car?

thanks, and if anybody has done this swap any info would be greatly appreciated....
friends of mine who have done the swap several times say its a piece of cake. use the stock harness but you have to dent the frame in arround the alt.. thats pretty much it.
you don't have to dent the frame around the alt, i didn't but i'm telling you that you should because the pulley is so close to the body i doubt under shake if it ever it the substructure, not to mention i had to take mywhole intake manifold off to get my alternator out
awesome....thanks for the tips...

what kindof times were you able to post with this setup??

is the fuel and other parts pretty easy to hook up??
is it better n easy to get the wirering harnes and ecu from the other engine or just use the old 1