Wireless networking rant


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I have my DSL setup on a wireless internet for the DSL connection. We reformatted the harddrive of our old shitty computer, and other then the processor speed, it is a decent computer. However, since it did not have the internet, we never used it. So my dad bought the wireless networking kit. Router, signal extender and the wireless car.

I have used it on and off for about a week, and my final vertict is, it blows. It is so unrelaible. It will kick you off ever 5 - 15 minutes. When it actuall connects with the other computer, it downloads at the exact same speed as the computer that is hooked right up to the DSL modem, but when it doesn't get a signle, it kicks you. Bah, Wireless sucks


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i :wub: my wireless. shit, i'm on it now, never drops :) i use it at home, work, and school (almost every building has it). its the best thing since sliced bread. now at work we have these demo sprint wireless cards that are basically cellular modems for your laptop, its like isdn speed if i remember right.


I've had no problems with wireless networking. What I'm thinking the problem might be is the card in your computer. If you've got that system wedged up in a corner like most people do, that'll severely hinder of outright stop your connection. Honestly, there's no real need for wireless to a desktop PC. What would you rather have, a 11Mbit/55Mbit wireless connection or a 100Mbit wired connection? If you've got laptops and PDAs accessing your network, then wireless is the way to go for them. Keep your desktops and servers wired.

Oh and I really really really hope you have the password changed on your router and have that thing filtering MAC addresses. I'm assming that you're using a Linksys setup... in which case if you've done nothing to secure it, you're gonna be in for a biiiiiiiiiig suprise, ESPECIALLY if you're boosting signal strength.

Oh, DSL bites. Get cable.


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if you have a 2.4Ghz cordless phone in the house (or near by if your neighbors are really close) it will fuck with the wireless routers