Wiring For D16z6 Head On D16a6 Block

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Junior Member
im thinkin about doing a mini me swap but im not sure about the wiring...if i were to go with a p28 ecu how would i go about connecting it??? im going to use the distributer that came with the head but what intake manifold should i use... my crx's or the z6's? if i were to use either one, how would i got about connecting it to the ecu any help would be great. thanks


Senior Member
if you keep your ecu , the a6 distributer will do fine. just bolt the head up to your stock intake, run the vtec and your good to go. just get a vtec controller so you can adjust your fuel maps. if you go with the p28, get a harness from hasport, and run the z6 dist. if you use the z6 i.m., the wiring is a little harder. if i were you, i would choose option 1. hope this helps.