wiring harness help

Hey whats up guys, I need some help finding a OBD1 harness out of a prelude fo my H22a its the last thing I need to finish my swap in my 90 accord the motor is droped I have everything done exept for the wiring so if anybody could hook a brotha up that woul :worthy: d be cool! thanks


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just use your accord wire harness and add in the vtec associated wires.

If you need the plugs for the knock sensor, vtec solenoid and pressure switch..hit up a junkyard. There's no other need for the prelude harness.


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The prelude is harness is useless because it will not plug in by your fusebox. There would be more rewiring than modifying your stock harness. Changing the chassis side of the harness is not feasible. Use your accord harness.