wiring help

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ive been reading over these post and im still confused. i just replaced the d15b7 in my 93 civic lx with a jdm d15b, and a p08 ecu. from what ive read the p08 doesnt need the knock sensor hooked up?? and i used the intake and exhaust from the d15b7 including the o2. but how many wires does the p08 need to read for the o2. the o2 from the d15b has 1 wire, and the d15b7 o2 along with my wiring harness has 4 wires.


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If the D15B only has a one wire o2, than you can pretty much use either o2. What is the green wire on them is the signal wire, so that's the one it has. When I put my B16 in my CX, also a one wire, it didn't throw an o2 CEL when I was using the four wire o2 on the CX ECU.