Wiring Problem On B18a1 Into Crx Si

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looks like a knock sensor to me...
but i didn't think the b18a had a knock sensor.... i could be wrong.

what ecu are you running this off of?


I'm gonna try the stock ecu first. Been told it will run it just not at peak output. When Chris has more cash he said something about having one burnt with a header and cold air intake.


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that is the knock sensor you need to get the plug from an integra and then wire it to the ecu yourself it goes to pin 23 on the a plug :rolleyes:


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Well if you are running the stock ECU you won't need it if there is no plug on your stock harness for it. You don't have any left over plugs do you?


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Thats not the knock sensor, its the water temp sensor. all u have to do is change it to a ob0 water temp sensor

At least i think it is because when i put my ls in my car i remember changing the water temp sensor and it was the same thing, so thats what i think it is.


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does distributor wiring off of si work on distributor on obd0 b18a1 integra? anyone here do the si to b18a1 swap while using stock si ecu? i am swapping to b18a1 soon, and need some help. Thanks