Wiring Problem

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I know this will sound like a stupid idea to everyone, but hear me out.

You're cruising down the road like normal, when you see a cop in a perpendicular lane. Your radar detector doesn't go off, but you know he'll be suspicious if you have your brake lights on as you slow down in front of him. Or even worse, go flying by without slamming on your brakes. Either way, you have a huge chance of getting pulled over for reckless driving.
So, what if you had a button in your dash, that when you pressed it, your brake lights wouldn't go on? It would be very unsafe normally to have your brake lights disabled, but if you needed it for a second so a cop wouldn't know you're drastically slowing down, it might be worth it. That's why it would just be a button you'd press that would open the circuit to your brake lights.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Feb 6 2003, 06:08 PM
Use the e-brake instead?

Thats what I do.

But the button Idea isn't a hard thing to do.
It would be just cliping the wire that goes to the brake lights in any place really and installing a switch.

Run the wires from the switch to your dash, and install a button on one of those places where there is already supposed to be one (pending you have a 5th or 6th gen).

You could even go farther and buy the actuall button that fits in there and wire it up for stealthmode.
Originally posted by Prowler@Feb 6 2003, 06:09 PM
And spin out the back of your car? I like my idea better.

Don't yank on it. Just ease it on.

I do that on the freeway all the time from 100 to 65 when I see the CHP's.
Originally posted by Hexen@Feb 6 2003, 04:13 PM
Don't yank on it. Just ease it on.

I do that on the freeway all the time from 100 to 65 when I see the CHP's.


Shouldn't do much of anything if you're more or less travelling in a straight line. Besides, if you're using THAT much braking power from the e-brake or your button idea to slow yourself down, the cop won't need a gun, he'll SEE you slowing down.
ever heard of letting off the gas?? You know, that will slow down your car, too...Or get a better radar dector...if mine dosent go off, they dont have it their radar on, I get a new one every 6 months, but I've never been stopped/pulled over.
Just downshift and relax... If you were going THAT fast and you DON'T have a good nose for cops, then you DESERVE to get the ticket. The way I see it, if he's fuzzing you, slam the binders down, the lower the number the more money that stays in your pocket as simple as that. Don't try to be the stealth speeder, just keep better watch for them. Hello rear view mirrors...
you can do it with a simple toggle switch. connect the switch anywhere in the brakelight's circuit, and then keep the switch on for normal use, turn it off when u dont want your lights to work. the only problem with this idea is...by the time you reach for the switch, it will already be too late.
Remember, my auto-x pos car is an auto, so I'll be adding the button into the shifter. It shouldn't be that hard.