Wiring Question???

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I just got my B16a Sir II (obd 1) with LSD tranny in yesterday. This motor is going into a a 94 civic ex (d16z6 sohc vtec). I have heard from a couple of you guys that I should just use my old wiring harness since it is already wired for vtec. I want to make sure this is correct information. So if someone can confirm that, that would be great. I have searched the internet and have found nothing about putting a B16a into a eg that had a d16z6. The motor did come with a wiring harness but it is cut in one spot. i also noticed that the tranny (i believe it is y1) has a wireplug on the front of it and a wire plug right above were the axle and half shaft goes in. I didnt notice that on the d16z6 tranny, but im at work right now there is no way to confirm that untill tonight. If this is a true statement, do i need to run some wires for this?

I guess there are 2 general questions.

1. Should i use the wiring harness that came with the motor?
2. if i use the original harness, Do i need to run any wires?


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If you use the D16Z6 harness you're golden, only have to add a knock sensor wirea and if you do some creative rerouting, you won't have to cut and extend anything.

VSS and o2 sensor for the two plugs, I would guess.