Wiring The Eg / Gsr Up! Pics Inside! Help Needed!

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Here are some pics I took of the connections with some text.....

Where does this 4th GSR engine harness go? (Passenger side)


Any idea what hose goes to #1? Where does #2 connect to the motor?


I'm going to just use the Cx charcoal canister. Where do each of the numbered hoses go to on the GSR?


It's a little different than the GSR's canister:


Here''s how the GSR is connected to the motor:
#2 is wired to the motor / canister
#1 is wired to the canister, but capped off where it connects at the motor


Pic says it all here:


What's the purpose of this gold thing on top of the passenger GSR mount?


VTEC wires coming through the firewall. Just 4 right?


Is this the headlight wire harness? I can't remember at the moment what was connected to it:


93CX - 98GSR

Thanks again for all the help!


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in one of ur pics that hose slot is for the fuel line, that gold thing there you dont need it and it looks kinda gay so pull it off regarding the canister il check my buddies setp, and only 4 wires for vtec..and i think that's it..one thing i would sug. ripp off the gsr intake manifold and get either a b16 or ctr/itr one, but if u do that u cant used the GSR ECU, but you will get more power...


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you can still use the gsr ecu...
and the ctr/itr intake manifold wont fit onto the b18c1 iwthout some modifying.. i would just get a skunk2 intake manifold.


pills is correct you cant use any other manifols but a skunk 2, cause the water holes in the manifold dont line up right.