won't start

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I'm getting fuel, power to the plugs, and have good compression, but it won't run. the motor starts, and kinda chugs along, but never really "starts". I have no intake on, if that will make a difference... and have already checked my timing 10 times... my next step is to get new plugs, could this be my problem??
just buy the socket when you get the plugs, match it up itll just save time. you should have some sort of intake. Are you getting to much fuel? too little? do you have a pressure regulator and a gauge or what? We need more info
Originally posted by ryangt@May 28 2005, 10:13 PM
or the intake gasket and TB gaskets? try unplugging the map sensor and see if the idle speeds up
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isnt it suppose to shut off if you take the map sensor plug off....I dunno..
I was thinking something to do with the map sensor though.....

Good luck!
well when my map took a shit on my prelude, it would idle like shit waaay low and stumbling, then id unplug the map and it would surge back up to normal idle.
what do you mean you have not intake????

Are you talking about intake many???

Or are you talkin about cold air intake???

Need more info to help

ya boy steveo
intake mani-yes

ok I'm down to a code 3... checked voltage-
yellow/red wire, and ground-5v
green/white, and y/r- 5v
white, and ground-5v

now what??