Woot New Motor!!

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Hi all long time no post..So my d15b7 is about to take a shit on me. I went to jap motors and bout a d15 vtec for this time around. Picked it up for 800$ no tranny, but the motor has 25k miles and is a jdm..WOOT..Buying a new stage1 exedy clutch and 8lb flywheel with a AEM fuel rail to give it a little more than the stock shit. One thing I will need to do before it all works out is to run my vtec wiring..:( doesn't look to easy but I will try. So this week it's going to be AWESOME!! Sufikation and me will have are hands dirty with a little bet of knowledge on are belts..We have been waiting to do a swap for some time know..Wish us luck..Will have photos to come..PEACE.


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Haha Due the VTEC is simple... I actully Grounded out the VTEC to the chasie and set VTEC to ingage when my shift light turns on. Basicly I set the light to turn on at 4,800 RPM's or when ever but 4,800 -4,900 works and it comes on and So does VTEC haha! Quite nice and it was I beleive 2 wires... :)


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I would avoid dropping money on the fuel rail. The stock Honda fuel system (minus fuel pump) has been proven to 400+ whp. I have been running ~250whp for over a year now on the stock lines, rail, and regulator.


You can run turbo on the stock fuel rail, so there's absolutely no need for aftermarket stuff on an essentially stock single-cam...


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Sweet I haven't order it yet.. I can buy something else than..Anyone know what helps the sSOHC, a little <Uper> have a 100 bills..Be cool let me know..renots!!:eek: