work update :)

Welp, official word is in.

4/15 @ 7am, database dump occurs and im officialyl done with 3rd shift.
i get friday off cuz i'm special.
monday, 4/19, i start my new shift in the developer's group, 7:00-3:30

getting up and TO work for 7am is going to suck... But getting out at 330 is going to own :)

pissedoffsolwork is going to retire most likely too.. i don't see me being online 1/4 as much as i am now.


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getting into work for 7:00am isn't that bad.

maybe B. will get some color and shed away the pasty white, as you'll actually see some daylight this year


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When I started my new job, I went from going to sleep at 6am and waking up at 5pm to waking up at 6am and going to sleep at 9pm. Pretty much the worst jet lag you can have. I would get out of the car to go in to work and be so tired that I was dizzy. I was a total freakin' zombie for the first week. The second week I would say I was just 'really tired'. After that I was pretty much on the same schedule as the sun. Freaky. :D
ASP/SQL server interactions.

Basically, making the "flows" for our phone agents to answer the calls, get the customer info and so forth, put it in the database, create tickets if necessary, and so on.

I don't have a run-down of the project i'm actually working on, but they're mostly the same.