Worst Valentines Day Ever...

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It started off on thursday, when i was just talking to some cuttie in one of my classes, and we just continued to talk after class. Eventually I asked her what she was up to on Valentines day and she said nothing, so I asked her if she wanted to grab dinner with me... So yesterday (Friday) I pick her up, and we go out to dinner which was cool, and then she says she knows of this party out near my campus, so I say cool. So we go to this party and she starts drinking hard core we are talking like 5 shots within the first 15mins of being in the party, I am driving us home later so I am just going to have one beer. about an hour after us being there and having a good time this dude shows up and she says, "oh shit." I said who is that and she said oh that is my ex boyfriend, I said ok and thought nothing of it. Then I see the two of them run at each other and start screaming at each other calling each other names and what not. I just stepped back and watched with my jaw dropped, then she slaps him goes over to the booze table takes two shots and grabs me and says we're leaving. At that point i just did not care. We got out of the party and got in my car and started driving towards my dorm, and all of the sudded she says we need to pull over, seeing how drunk she was i pulled over, she stumbled out of the car, and put her head against the rear window of my hatch, and before i could get out of the car to stop her she just started to puke. She could not stop either I just froze and watch her puke on my car for like 5 mins. after that i just stood there not know what to do, i was pissed... so i gave her a paper towel to wipe her mouth and started driving her home, she passed out in the car. I then saw a field with sprinklers watering the field, so i pulled into it and parked my car nest to the sprinkler to wash my car... and just sat there listening to the radio with this passed out chick in my car. I took her home gave her to her roommates, and went home, and was home by like 11:30.

Cliffs: Took a cutie out to dinner, went to a party left party early because she got in a fight with her ex, she puked on my car, I washed my car on a field with sprinklers, and took her home and then i went home, and was in by 11:30.
man that sucks.. she puked on your car? Well, atleast you're came out of it alive. Maybe this was saving you from something that could have happened down the road between you 2 that could have been even worse.
LOL... that sux.. but it was a funny story.. i love the sprinkler part.. why not just drop a $1.25 and pressure wash that shit?
If it makes u feel ne better man my vday went to hell as well. ok here goes i take this girl i been seing out to dinner. Reservations were for 7 but they ended up not seating us until close to 8 so i was already pissed off. And of cource my dates ex shows up (no fighting just alot of dirty muggin looks). Talk about akward... So then the night goes on and we go back to my place hehe and things are goin good then the next thing i know my celly keeps ringing but iwasnt about to answer it. 5 min later my door bell rings and about 10 of my friends who all didnt have dates show up to my house cuz word got out i was throwin a party. Too my luck the particular group of guys that came were the ones emily(my date) hates. So she was bitchin and they were all trashed and didnt want to leave and they had already called a grip of people and told them to come over. So i made them call and say it wasnt going on and too my luck no1 was answering there phone or they were all ready like 2 min away from my house so i endedup having a prety fun party but there was several puke stains i found this mourning. Boy did i catch hell from my date this mourning, it was wack cuz it wwas suposed to be just alone time. This sucks.
he just took a bitch out to eat i doubt he had a 1.25
I spanked a mustang bought a video game and did nothing =) sounds like last year and the year before lol
Originally posted by paragus@Feb 15 2003, 01:16 PM
LOL... that sux.. but it was a funny story.. i love the sprinkler part.. why not just drop a $1.25 and pressure wash that shit?

at that point i did not care how the puke came off my car and that was convienient. Plus i am trying to drop a b-series motor in my car, so i am super broke...
i sat at home and was bitching at Verizon about my DSL not working STILL!! and the fact i stayed on hold for over an HOUR!! i was pissed and still am because my damn DSL still aint working. :angry:
I sat at home and listen to ex-gf bitch non-stop for 3-4 hours. For the few of you i talk to and know me, you know that is pure hell. :)

Sorry about your car, but a drunk bitch? I would have taken advantage of her drunkness if she didn't pass out :blink:

now here's the real Q.
you gonna ask her back out ??
I mean if she'sa cutie is she worth it ??
Well as i can see, people that wrotte here had a pretty bad valentins day!! Well i guess that what happens to guy who loves cars...lol
Girls get bitchyer every year!! lol, i dont think that bitchyer is a word, but in y words for now on it is!

Well still. Happy Valentins To every guy who did not have one like me!
welcome to college... where chicks think they can drink, but only end up passing out or puking.
such a waste. girls are stupid.
maasey you shouldve went back to the party and found another chick to party with
lmao! that is some funny shit! haha, ya, good thing she didn't puke in the car.... but, ya, are you going to ask her out again? just get her drunk and bone her :P