worth the trouble to swap an h22a in my civic?

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*h22a is 60lbs heaver than a b18c with a/c power stearing ext..

*parts are more money, and harder to come by for cheep like its b16/18 conter parts

*if you want to put forged pistons in you have to resleave the motor, i will explane why if you want me to but for now we will just leave it at that.

*beacuse you must resleave for the pistons it make running anyhting over 9psi fairly expensive and a lot of work.

*it is a little bit of a tricky swap to get in the bay of a civic.

*to turbo you have to get slim radiator fans

*when you shift a h22a with a stock transmition at redline you fall about 200 rpms out of vtec, so a vtec controler is a great idea, or go a little deeper in to the redline (indicated redline is 7,400. fuel cut off is at 8,200)

*a bit of under-steer


* you have an h22a in your civic hatch

*you dont have as big of a no low end power and torque problem as the smaller honda blocks

*old drag racing addage," there is no replacment for displacement"

*with a stock motor with a catback exsaust and an fmax turbo kit pushing 8psi you get 250 wheel H.P.

*you can stroke an h22a to a 2.6 liter

*i have seen 20 psi h22a's with 600 wheel horse power

*Jun makes h22a parts now

*you will be faster than most other people with a b16a swap

** you will be able to beat the piss out of samba green del sols with b16a2\'s