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oh just click the damn link and read the story :p

it got rear ended by a truck and pushed underneath a tractor trailer- the driver survived with minor injuries :thumbsup:


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can I buy the turbo?........which end is which? and dam...what the hell did he hit a brick wall doing 140? then a train hit him too?


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Rescue workers say one man involved in the accident is lucky to be alive. Investigators say a tanker truck carrying liquid nitrogen rear-ended a silver Subaru, pushing it under another tractor-trailer.
Astonishingly, the driver of the Subaru, 23-year-old Allan Pyrchz, received only minor injuries.

Sounds like something that would happen in a James Bond film. :)


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holy shit.


I hope he does something great in life or something fanfuckingtastic happens to him because that is one hell of a thing to walk away from... and yeah, whoever said they don't like the wheels, I agree with you :p