WTB 18" White plain rims

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yea, 17's and 19's but i wasn't gonna mention it either, he was the first to offer any help, so i appreciate it

checked egay...
checked a shit load of sites... prop every google return 10 pages deep...

one thing i noticed about wheel places, well actually 3
one - never the wheels you want in stock
two - never update their websites, call them, ooh those wheels were discontinued 2 years ago... wtf?
and three - shitty customer service...
call and ask for white wheels, they say we're sold out, ramble off 8 models of WHITE wheels listed on their website and they say yup, all sold out...
then ask them, SO WHAT DO YOU SELL????!?!?!
"wheels... you had to be sarcastic about it right??? *click*"
I have some 17" Enkei CDR9's for sale...they don't have tires on them...PM if your interested so I can send you pics. the rims aren't in the greatest shape but you could spray them white if you like. They are currently silver.