OH WTB 4wd 88-91civic wagovan.

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tittle says it i am looking for a 88-91 civic wagon neer north west OHIO, it has to be 4wd looking for a project car...it must have all drive train motor doesnt matter it can be blown..some rust doesnt matter but not a hole lot...if willing to trade let me know....my number is 419 605 8877 call or text anytime..if no one has a hole car i am also looking for trans and drive shafts
nope project wagovan! i plan on putting a built D16 with big ass turbo and just making a ugly ass sleeper :D
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anyone have any parts? i'm in need of a trans..and rear drive shaft
downside is your stuck with drum brakes unless you modify the ones out of a crv. The transmissions also use cable linkage like the H/F series due to the driveshaft.

I missed an 87 awd manual for 500 here, and there was a 90 one for 1000 was a bit of a drive that was out in state college, Pa

you just have to wait to find them. It's technically a 5 speed with a really short gear. The pattern makes it difficult to shift from low gear to first quickly. I really want to know what the gear ratio is on that low gear, everyone just calls it a granny gear.


I'm pretty sure that's the pattern.
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Like the old fords that where a four-speed with a low gear.

Pattern looks like a regular six-speed reverse is to the left and up, you can see it in the pic. Then L,1,2,3,4,5. I never knew that where six-speeds though.
well i could also use a trans for a 89 to 91 wagovan it doesnt matter mine is the old style with small clutch.....let me know thanks..and if anyone is looking to trade for a cobolt super charger i got one....