Wtb: 90-93 Accord Or Integra

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Any one with a 90 93 integra or accord for sale please let me know, I would prefer to buy in in the midwest (kansas missouri oklahoma,etc). I have 1700 to spend.


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i have a 91 accord with a JDM SI Prelude swap. (non-vtec) but fast. i am asking 2200 and i live in Gurnee, IL right down the street from Great America give me a call. 847-856-1293 my name is Dan


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I have a 1993 LS special Addition Rolling chassis, $500. It's an automatic i've been told it can be switched over easily. I live in Missouri, Blue Springs


try ebay. i just bought a 90 Integra LS for $720 on there. just needs a few things to get it to run right but no biggies. matter of fact..going tomorrow to pick it up :) . but try ebay or even autotrader.com


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I'll take $250 it will cost for a new engine and transmission, and about $1,500 or less to reapir front end damage.

I bought it from a friend who rear ended a Chevy Blazer with trailer hitch atthe end of school last year. The car onyl have 145xxx miles and was taking care of.

New Radiator Core Support 181.95
New Radiator 93.95 (you'll need new hoses also)
front bumber 152.95 (+72.00 for lower valance [You'll also need front turnsgianl lamps])
headlights 161.95 x 2
hood 139.95 (or you could just buy a CF hood)
both fenders 102.95 x 2 (or Z3)

Just for body parts alone you only have to spend about 1098.60... unless I feel generous and give you to the two fenders that were on the car which I thoght maybe I'd keep for myself.. which would then bring your total down to $892.70.


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I have an 92 4dr GS. It is sport shift auto with a header, power everything sunroof. Needs new fenders and 2 of the doors are dented. The engine is clean with a header short intake. It needs rear rotors also. I can send you pics if interested. I'm asking $1500. You can grayhound to louisville for $59 and pick it up. Let me know