Wtb:a 84-87 Crx Jdm Tonneau Cover

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no one still? i would think everyone talking about jdm this and jdm that would know where i could get this from! hell if someone here could get there hands on mugen cf wheel covers then whats so hard about a tonneau cover which came in every first gen crx! i know some are lying about having connections but for those that do please step forward and help a guy out! :eek:


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how hard is it to find this product i mean come on some one here has a friend or knows of a company that could help me put i know it <_<


ummm isn't a torneau cover a thing for a bed of a truck????


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Originally posted by whatdahieu@Apr 9 2003, 12:58 PM
should i be surprised that i'm the only person replying to my own post :rolleyes:

No, because no one knows what that is apparently. Hard to find a 16 year old product.


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I HAVE A 87 CRX HF that I am finally going to sell. I do not know what a tonneau cover is.
I may sell the car for parts if need be. I have owned the car since '89. Great mileage, I am not able to get a/c for it so I have decided to sell.