WTB: B-Series T3 Turbo Manifold/Downpipe in MA/RI/

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Senior Member
Looking to purchase a b-series turbo manifold for a t3 flanged for a 35mm wastegate. Also looking for a matching downpipe if possible. Im wary of buying stuff online, so it must be in MA/RI/CT so we can meet up and I can see it in person. Please send pics and info to xxxmikenicexxx@hotmail.com or IM at xxxmikenicexxx. Thanks.


The Trisexual
i have a DP for ya. A 3 bolt flange is welded to it now, I'll include the 5 bolt flange.

The flex pipe is just too messed up to sell for any reasonable price, so 70 with the fucked up flex and it's yours.

I'll pull it off sometime today and take pics.

I'm in NJ though, if you want to come down to Queens I'll meet you somewhere.