PA WTB: Complete F23A1 Short Block

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Like title says im looking to purchase a F23A1 short block, including the rods, crank, oil pan, oil pump, water pump, crank timing cog, pulley, external water lines, sensors, basically the complete short block. Just post a pic and a price.
Just the complete short block 100k on it and i dont have any pics but ill have to charge you an xtra 50 bucks for gas to drive it to you

motor was pulled cause i rolled it still drove but car roof was toast used the head on my other accord that i sold and still have the short block but lmk or call me 240 329 1165
I live in Pennsylvania and your in West Virginia is the oil pan still on it, rods, crank

also do you have the oil and water pump, crank timing cog & pulley, external water lines and the sensors for it