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Watanabe Whore!!!
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Price: $500-$2000

Condition...some rust would be OK...but only in apperance areas....structural rust is a big no-no....

Must be: 4X4, decent looking from 10 feet or 10 MPH, Should start on the first crank...and live for about 15-20,000 miles....I dont want to put any major shit into it like an engine/tranny/rear-end, It must have a 4X8 foot bed...and be able to haul items from Home Depot and Lowes to my house, and be able to take loads of junk to the dump, be dependable enough to get me to work 30 miles away...and back...with out killing my wallet....in the snow. Old is good....pre 1980 is very good...so I don't have to worry about the damn CT emmissions....but newer is also good.... I'm not looking for a hot truck...just something that can get me to places...and if it can tow a car, that would be cool. or a BOAT. :ph34r: I would also like something that can seat 3-5 people...I have to pick up a few in-laws at the airport once in a while :)

Size...I don't care...it can be a huge truck, or a small truck. I'm just looking for something I can beat on, abuse, and take the wife to Home Depot when she wants to buy something bigger than what the Z and the civic can haul.....

Prefer.....something in red..... :)

I'll have the money in a week or so, and I'd like to just jump into this truck, start it up and drive it with very little work to do to it....it also must be registerable in CT...IE pass emmisions and the safety inspection with no problem...and have a clean title ;)

I don't mind travelling out of state for it...as long as it will be worth my time.... :)


The weiner and I have a project boat for you.

You can fit plywood in a fullsize with a 6.5' bed. I do it all the time just lean the wood over the tailgate. It barely hangs over.


my name is Dale
my friend is selling his 81 chevy pickup. its got a 6 inch lift and 35in tires. minimal rust, newer 350 engine, rollbar/light bar. i think hes asking 3500. lmk if you are interested and i'll get some more details


Watanabe Whore!!!
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OOOOpppsss....Wrong forum....hehe

Dale...if your buddy could go down to $2600...then I would snag it...$3K might be possible for the right truck...but I got $2600 for a max right now.....$2000 should be enough for something decent....plus the extra $600 for registering and insurance...

$1500 is the right price...so I can use the extra money to buy a roof for the garage...but I need a truck to get the materials to the house.... :lol:


Watanabe Whore!!!
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Originally posted by micah@May 26 2005, 02:02 AM
home depot wont deliver?
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They do...at $65 a load....and they wont take stuff to the dump for me..... ;)


Watanabe Whore!!!
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Last chance....find me something to buy...before I buy this one truck by the house...

I found an 88 ford f-150 red, extended cab, long bed, tool box, CD, fresh engine, rust, 4X2, automatic, bed liner...etc...and for $1500...but I talked the lady down to $1200...I'm a few hundred shy of getting it...so buy my jeep, or find me another truck to look into... :p

PS...buy my LSD...

and I'll have some wheels up for sale soon ;)