IN WTB D-Series Block

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New Member
i need any d series block that will work with a z6 head. looking around $150. let me know what you got.
i have a d16z6 block for 75 bucks let me know also got other d series parts for sale too
Yeah guy, shipping is pricey when it comes to blocks. You might want to start checking out local junk yards.
i live in a very small town w/o a good junk yard otherwise i would but thanks for lookin out and thanks everyone for the quick responses.
I live in a small town as well. Right now I'm shut down in need of a block. The junk yard in town wants 400 for a mystery block and the closes drive I have is an hour away. 150.00 for a block and head :D Now I just need those moneys.
i got a block cheap and head if u want call at 240 644 3287