WTB D16A6 Cam + D16y7 Cam Gear

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New Member
Basically I want to buy a D16A6 Cam + D16y7 Cam Gear to swap into my little D15B7, Thanks
Im not sure if i can use the gear, since its like 1 1/2 short of teeth, but how much do you want for the cam shipped to Canada?
Oh beautiful, I'm not even gonna try and short sell you, just tell me what'd you want for it shipped to canada? :)
hey i had a problem at the post office. the shipping was about 14 more than i expected it to be so what im goin to do if its ok with you is im going to refund the money you sent me then just send me the corrected amount if thast ok?
just send the other 14 its no bigge it works out the same in the fees. just send that and your package is on its way hope it works well for you i cleaned it with some wd40 on it so wipe it off before you put it in your car so it doesnt ruin your oil. at all
what company did you try ef? i shiped it fine and they really dont use codes in international shipping you have to give them the territory and they will look it up for you