OH WTB: DA integra parts- Hood, headlights, core, fenders, ECU

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a few parts. First, I need a hood and headlights for a DA. Also a driver's side fender, and possibly core support. It's a 90 and I want to boost it, so I also need an obd1 pr4 ecu, and obd1 distributor for an ls. If anyone has the obd0>obd1 harness that would be awesome also. I could also use 450cc DSM injectors, and any other useful bits to boost that I may be interested in. Thanks!


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I have an obd-0 PR4 if your interested. I also have all those parts you need, but they are currently on my car, so you can't have them ;)


The Warden
I have DSM Injectors, A OBD1 LS Dizzy With New Cap And Rotor, And A Stock Clean LS ECU.

I have Everything You Need LOL PM Me Sir And Save on Shipping.


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what s up... i m rob... i got a few of them on a 92 i m parting out...