WTB: Long List Needed for RHD CRX (doing B18B1 swap)

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Ok so i am pretty new to the Honda world. Been wanting to do a project for a while, was just waiting for the right car. I am military stationed in Germany. I just found a 91 CRX (Right Hand Drive). Car is coming completly striped of drive train. I need everything to put in a B18B1 in to it. I have the motor and the car. Just not exactly sure what i need. I will be looking threw the How-To threads now too, but if you have anything that I need let me know. What i know i need for sure is listed below

B Series CRX axles
Swap Mount kit to include Cable to Hydro conversion
Good Exhaust
Turbo Kit (ramhorn style)
Gas Tank
Front Fenders
Good Suspension
Correct ECU
Wiring Harness (swap style or what i need, I have the B18B1 harness)

If you guys know anything else i need. Shoot me a PM with what you got, pics, and prices.



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what kind of crx is it. dx, hf, si, sir or what

Not sure. I will keep everyone posted. I am going this weekend to pick the car up and tow it back to my garage. I will take some pics as soon as i can. I am pretty sure that it was an SI