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Like the title says. Looking for a drop in LS swap for a '95 EG coupe. Would like to stay under a grand if possible but I do have more money if you're serious. Hit me up let me know what you have.

Will do a B16B, B20, H22 as well for the right price. Let me know. I'm getting a bit desperate to get this done before the second rug rat gets here and my time goes from little to none.


If you look bump it for my first swap.


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ok-speed.com is down, and the forums wont load. Thanks for the try, tho.

I, too, am looking for a B18a1 LS. But I only need the block. Building an LS-V for my '91 siR. Since the siR came stock with a B16a, Ive got everything else I need. Just need that B18a block. Any and all help is appreciated. Im located in 54603 for those of you who would need that info. Thanks.


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Im located in Virginia, I have a b18b LS motor for sale. Motor was going to be a LS v-tec running in a week but builder passed away in a car accident (Arbi). Motor has new timing belt and waterpump. Almost complete motor, needs distributor, and injectors. Im asking $550obo for motor. Also have a .86 turbine turbo i would throw in for $100 more. Let me know, and i will take offers!!!