WTB: nitrous parts

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these are some parts that i need to finish my nitrous setup. 10lb bottle brackets, and a NOS powershot fuel solenoid.

also looking for bottle blanket, bottle heater, purge kit, msd window activation switch, any other misc nitrous parts you might have laying around.
^^^coo coo let me know if you can find them i'm in dire need of them, i don't feel like spending 60 bux on new ones. how mu ch do you want shipped for them?? are they the metal or plastic brackets??
they are metal....just pay shipping and like 20 bucks...ill let you know
Originally posted by adidas_man@Jun 17 2005, 05:48 PM
bump it up, anybody got any extra parts just laying around??
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check out TeamHyper (or whatever his name is) thread. He has a bottle opener and warmer.