Wtb: Stock Crx stuff

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any body got crx stuff? I have a 90 crx si. i need both doors, front bumper and the whole sunroof assembly (will any other sunroofs fit) and also i'm doing a zc swap soon, so i'll need a 88-89 teg ecu. any of those in good condition will be bought. thanx


Hi, I have the rear reflecting panel with the word CRX on it.
I have both JDM specs guage meter cluster too. ('88-89 and 90-91)
Write me at monzeecoco@yahoo.com.sg if you r interested.. :)
I know of someone who has the whole facelift too.... but kinda high selling price.. will check it out for u..


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I have a rear bumper from a 90 si if that interests you.


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i dont have a front bumper, but i can get you one ez, you'd have to pay shipping, and how much do you wanna spend, and does color mater?