WTB: Various EG parts

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So I'm fairly new to this site, but i noticed that there's some damn good people on here, so I was hoping to get some help. The eg hatch that I just bought has a lot of cosmetic issues that I wanna fix, but I haven't been very lucky with the junkyards so far lol. So to name a few things that I need...

EX/Si cluster
JDM center armrest console
Hatchback cargo cover
Stock ignition... mine's almost done-for lol
GSR Fat Fives or 99-00 Si rims
Integra LS seats (Front and rear)
EG trunk/gas lid release
JDM "H" centercaps
Upgraded rear disc brakes (Integra preferrably)

If anyone has any other spare EG parts that's for sale feel free to let me know... I'm sure i didn't name everything lol, thanks
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i have a eg clock $20 shipped
i have the markers like $40 shipped
let me kno
Going out to the yard tomarrow, Think I can help ya out LS seats , center consol and I beleive the center caps are there, Lady totaled 1 hitting a Pole haha!
Hey! For glass try calling up PPG or LOF, they can sell u a windsheild for like $50 bucks, get some freinds, a thing of piano wire some vis grips and a box cutter and do it your self, oh dont forget the yurithane very important!