WTB Y8 VTEC head

I am planning on swapping a Y8 head on my 96 Civic Lx so I can have Vtec, I already have the Mani and Tb, I need the Y8 head and Vtec Solonoid in order to complete it. Iknow somebody has one in good working order laying around!!! Has to be in good working order and ready to drop right on! Just email me or Pm me thanks, Kyle
will pay with Paypal right away for a good deal!!! :D
I would also be interested in JDM D15 VTEC head, or Z6 depending on mileage, condition, and what is all included!!!


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i have a D15B single cam vtec head i will sell for 90 plus shipping
give me a call at 847-456-7553 i am in chicago


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i have a D16Y8 chillin in a buddies garage from my swap, still have the head...$75 plus shipping and its yours


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hey did you find your head yet....
ive got a d16y8 cylinder head w/ vtec solenoid...even got the intake manifold if you need
also have a d16z6 head thats missing the v/c, vtec solenoid
let me know