Wtd: Soch And Performance Aprts

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Junior Member
looking for:
d16y8 tranny (must be cheap is shipped)
P28 ecu (92-95 ex and si)
odbII to odbI harness
hondata s200 w/ boost
2.5" or 3" catback (and test pipe)
2.5 or 3" downpipe for greddy turbo header

dam.. im gonna get poor :blink:


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if you're gonna get a hondata s200, what do you need a P28 ecu for? anyway, my new ecu will be here in a week or so. if you want my p28. L8z


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i changed my mind about hondata and the ecu.. if i go stand alone.. i would go with something like AEM EMS. I didnt like the idea of burning roms and the added cost/hasle it comes with... i like 'on the fly' tunning that doesnt required an extra ecu harness to make it work.. at the end is about the same money anyways.