WTF posts counting down?

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I just refreshed twice and the total post count went down!???? WTF is up with that B????
well if you posted something in Jeff's forsale post about his car, and it didnt got deleted...other than that, someone else deleted some posts.

EDIT*** Its a damn post count...WHO CARES!?!?!?!
no I didnt post in that thread. And I care. I thought there was some sort of problem so I wanted to bring it to the admin's attention. Sorry for careing!
i care. theres nothing worse than having your posts disappear...or finding out your girlfriend is really a guy. j/k! (j. springer show) :)
wow@ girlfriend being a guy.
I guess that would scar you for life huh?
It wasn't my personal posts, it was the total posts of everyone that was counting down.
yea, you should watch jerry springer sometime. its hilarious when the guy finds out..and 99% of the time, its like obivous to everyone else that "she" is a "he".
I only watch the jerry springers that are on PPV. They have all the good fights and boobies come flyin out too! God I love my black box.
its not the post count that matters its the quality of the post...why do you think CSi is such a shitty place for tech related forums? Because people only care about how cool they are with x amount of posts.

And I think that us admins are pretty lenient over here concerning bull shit posts. But there has to be a line drawn somewhere...
I never been to CSI. I only come here! I wasn't talking about my personal posts(once again). I was talking about the total amount of posts on all Hondaswap forums!!!!!!! I agree with drawing a line on post whoreing! But if you are pissed off about people having alot of posts that aren't tech related, then why have an anything goes section? I could have a million posts if I wanted. I could tell you about how bad my ass hurt after I took my 4th shit of the day! But I don't. I was only referring to the total posts which is something that alot of new people visiting look at to see how much content and info is here. I only come here cause I like the people and most of all the tech! I don't wanna piss you or anyone else off. I was just trying to see if there was a problem. And if there was a problem I just wanted to bring it to Brian's attention so he can fix all the glitches. I know if this was my site and there was a problem with something I would want to know so I could fix it! Look man basically I am saying that I care and I ain't even an admin! You on the other hand are an admin and from what I can see, it seems like you don't care. So whatever yo! Just lock this forum and be done with it (just make sure you get your final word in). I have been respectful up to this point.

Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 24 2002, 07:29 AM
I could tell you about how bad my ass hurt after I took my 4th shit of the day! But I don't.

easy fellas

post count doesn't mean shit- and besides, the odds of anyone beating me are slim to none :)

But yes, there is a lot of BS on here, a lot of it is me... but i think its fun, and when you are as bored as I at work- you find enjoyment in posting. I dunno- it makes tiem go by faster.

Byut yes, post whoring here is getting large... just look at the totals-- 50% of our posts are in anythign goes... the other 50% divided in the rest of ALL the forums

whats my point? I don't know. but stop fighting you two. and yeah- stay cool. thats what makes this place cool.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 24 2002, 07:34 AM
But yes, there is a lot of BS on here, a lot of it is me... but i think its fun, and when you are as bored as I at work- you find enjoyment in posting. I dunno- it makes tiem go by faster.

OMG... it makes time go by sooooo fast for me.. i love it
yea having fun on hondaswap has really helped me alot. :) i no longer torture small animals or set people on fire :) and my car runs better too
who was fighting?

I was simply stating the fact that post counts dont mean shit. Nor did I say that anything goes was a bad forum, all I said was that its the quality that counts not the quantity. And as far as me caring...I do care, along with all the other admins and mods of this site I put alot of work into it. Whether it'd be designs/flash work/proof reading/articles/faq's/moderating/posting

Ive put my fair share of work into this please dont put me down for stating my opinion on how I would like to see more tech posts throughout the site than half the posts in anything goes.

The last thing that I want is this place to turn into ClubSi. All that site is good for is Outthere and Free pRon.

So lets all get off the 'jump to conclusions mat' and call it a day eh?
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 24 2002, 08:34 AM
easy fellas

B my bad I just got aggrivated! Yes this place is cool not olny because the people but just the whole atmosphere here. Thats what get s me to keep comming back. I also come here while I am at work (as you know) cause it makes the time go by faster.

Rixxxceboy... I don't know what to say about you! lol your a crazy ass mofo bro!

Steve I know you put in alot of time and such here. It is greatly appreciated! Believe me. I just hate it when someone says " who cares". That is one way of someone saying that they don't care! Sorry it is one of my pet peaves. .....Squashed.....

Its a fucking post count, I would rather have a low post count with relevant posts than a high post count with no relevant posts.